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A Sweet Holiday Recipe for Beef Brisket

Garlic Honey Brisket

Honey is the obvious go-to Rosh Hashanah condiment.  Who am I to buck tradition?  I work honey into my dressings, chicken glazes and desserts.  It goes on our challah, our apples and now… our brisket.

Worried about overkill? Listen, using honey in all these ways is fine if you use it in the right amounts and combine it with other ingredients to counter-balance it’s sweetness. Trust me, nobody will think you’re a one-flavor cook.

This Garlic Honey Brisket pops with the flavors of honey, mustard, GARLIC (double that garlic, if you’re like me), some citrus notes (from orange and lemon juices), a touch of thyme, plus a tiny bit more heat from red chili flakes.

That’s one thing you can say about brisket – almost any flavor combo works, and I’ve heard some of the craziest. (You should see the peanut butter & jelly version. No – maybe you shouldn’t.)  The trick is cooking it just right.  That begins with a good sear on both sides and then making sure it’s in the oven long enough. That’s what makes it soft and tender.  Ideally (like when you’ve got loads of time), you want to place it in the fridge overnight before slicing, rewarming and serving.  That’s the best way to get a tender brisket to slice nice and neatly.

Oh, for the love of brisket – do share your secrets, techniques and flavor combos: the floor is yours.

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