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A Taste of Arthur Avenue - Bronx's Little Italy

arthur avenue

A couple of months ago after my trip to Italy I met up with friend and kosher Italian food blogger Alessandra Rovati for a tour of Arthur Avenue.  Arthur Avenue is known as the “real” Little Italy in New York.  Since it is only ten minutes from home, I had to see what all the fuss was about. Alessandra was happy to be my tour guide and since we can’t eat at the restaurants, the main focus of our trip was the Arthur Avenue Retail market.   The market is filled with Italian meats, cheeses, dry goods and produce.  If you’re kosher, the produce and dried goods are worth the trip (at least if you live as close as I do).

arthur avenue 2

Alessandra frequents Eataly, the gourmet Italian market in New York City founded by Mario Batali in 2010 to highlight imported Italian goods you can’t find anywhere else.  Eataly is a large market with specialty dried goods, amazing produce and a hefty price tag.  The same 00 flour I was looking for my homemade pasta was available at Arthur Avenue for half the price of Eataly.  Eataly has an impressive  selection of gourmet Italian products, many with kosher supervision (or not requiring one), but for the basics, Arthur Avenue is the place to shop.

Alessandra and I had a fun time searching through the dry goods for hechshers and looking up the  Italian kosher food guide to see which cookies we could buy.  In the end, I mostly bought dried beans, flour and a few dried pastas as well as some fabulous produce.  Now it’s pasta making time.