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Adventures With My SodaStream

soda stream system

My family and I love seltzer.  It’s more fun than water.  It’s soda without the calories.  Over the years, the supermarket aisle has expanded from the ubiquitous lemon-lime and orange varieties of seltzer to ever more complex and sophisticated flavors of carbonated water.  As my three kids started requesting seltzer with every meal, the plastic bottles kept piling up outside our recycling bin and I started to feel a little guilty.  It was also getting expensive.

It was time to give Soda Stream a try.

We recently got the Soda Stream Genesis and it takes up a very small corner on our kitchen counter.  It’s sleek and stylish and an instant hit around the Shabbat table, where the kids beg for a chance to turn water into sparkling water with three simple pushes of the CO2 cartridge.  Making seltzer and soft drinks is simple and takes about 15 seconds!  If you like the taste of popular brand name cola and soft drinks, OU kosher-certified syrups are available for almost every style you can think of and some, you probably haven’t!  No heavy bottles to carry up to my apartment anymore and I don’t have to clear out a shelf in my coat closet to store a case of seltzer bottles.

I love the idea of being able to reuse the same dishwasher-safe plastic bottle, over and over again, and experiment with my own unique (calorie-free) flavors like Ginger Lime and Cinnamon Spice.  SodaStream rapidly became one of my very favorite kitchen gadgets.

CO2 cartridges are available at most major big box retail stores (where they can be refilled) or online and each cartridge lasts for about 80-100 bottles of seltzer.  It works out to about $.25 a liter.

SodaStream has its headquarters located in the West Bank of Israel and it feels great to support an Israeli company every time we sit down to drink.  Something is definitely fizzy around here!

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