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Amy’s New ‘Light & Lean Meals’


Last year, Amy’s debuted a new line of frozen meals under the ‘Light & Lean’ label.  Amy’s has been providing high quality and affordable organic frozen foods from spinach or pizza pockets (my kids’ personal favorites), burritos, frozen dinners and more.  All their products are organic, vegetarian, and made without the use of trans fats or GMOs.

Company co-founder and Amy’s mom, Rachel Berliner, started the company to help busy families create healthful and quick meals.    Amy’s products have always been free of meat, eggs, trans fats and corn syrup, but now they are expanding to meet the needs of a wider array of special dietary needs.  They have vegan and gluten free products and this new line of frozen meals have fewer calories and less fat for those trying to lose weight or reduce their sodium intake.

This new low calorie line contains less than 300 calories, 5 grams of fat and 590 mg of sodium.  It started with 4 varieties: Pasta & Veggies, Spinach Lasagna, Soft Taco Fiesta, and Black Bean & Cheese Enchilada and expanded  to  5 more just 6 months after launch, including a Bean & Cheese Burrito, Roasted Polenta with chard, Spaghetti Italiano, 3 Cheese Penne Marinara, and Sweet & Sour Asian Noodle.

I recently had a chance to taste the 5 new varieties and was pleasantly surprised.  To be honest, I don’t usually eat frozen dinners, but when I was going to and from work every day it is nice to know there is something nutritious in the freezer.   The polenta dish was just like something I would have made myself, this dish however was a little too light for me, at only about 150 calories, it was tasty but left me still hungry.  The Sweet & Sour Asian Noodle bowl didn’t look so promising when I opened it up, but once cooked and mixed it was surprisingly flavorful and filling – pretty close to the local Chines take-out.  Even the frozen veggies were pretty good.  The burrito is a great easy lunch.  Both pasta dishes came out better than expected, too.  The pasta retained a good texture and the flavor of the sauce was very good, it may not look like mama mia's when it comes out of the microwave, but give it a nice mix and you will have a quick meal ready to eat.

Most Amy’s products are certified kosher by Ner Tamid K, please check the packaging to confirm.