Announcing the Accidental Muffin

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The Exceptional Dessert, LLC, the New York City based baker of boutique kosher cakes and cookies introduces a new line of muffins. Established in 2004, as the Exceptional Brownie, the company expanded in 2007 to include a variety of seasonal desserts. The Exceptional Dessert is known for its all-natural, kosher brownies, cakes and cookies, handcrafted in small batches.

According to co-president Claire Sauerhoff, the muffins were not born out of years of R&D but rather one happy accident. “We wanted to send out samples of our honey cakes and applesauce crumb cakes to retailers for the fall selling season. Unable to find the right sized, most cost effective baking trays, we settled on a muffin tin to bake the samples. When my partner and I saw the finished product, we realized that our samples actually made the perfect muffin … moist inside with a caramelized, crunchy top.”

Claire’s partner, Karen Chazan said, “We have to make these available for sale, they are too good to keep only as samples. Our thinking was confirmed when we heard from the first group of clients who received samples … rave reviews and advance orders for muffins and cakes.”

The Exceptional Honey Cakes and Applesauce Crumb Cakes will be available in September on line at and its sister website, Exceptional Desserts have been featured at various New York City retailers including Murray’s Sturgeon Shop, Russ and Daughters, Kosher Marketplace, Amalya Middle Eastern Grocery in Queens. You can also order by calling Exceptional Dessert at 212.439.0766 or 718.776.0807.