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Host A Joy of Kosher Cook Book Club In Israel Get A Free Book

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Following the amazing JOY of KOSHER Israel Launch Party at the Cinematheque in Jerusalem in December we decided that we all enjoy getting together with friends over good food too much to let too much time go by before getting together again.

So! We’re starting something new in Israel that we hope you’ll want to join. It’s a way to connect with friends, new and old, in REAL LIFE. Fancy that!

We are looking for 12 volunteers across Israel to HOST our community cookbook club dinner parties:

If you volunteer and are selected to host you will receive a FREE copy of our first selection… (listen for that drum roll)… my brand new cookbook JOY of KOSHER Fast, Fresh, Family Recipes by Jamie Geller (me!).  The book retails for $30 US and 125 NIS but as a host you will receive your copy for FREE! (I know we said that already but just wanted to clarify for all y'all).  You will then have the perfect excuse to host a fabulous Joy of Kosher dinner party with your favorite foodie friends.


Q What Does a Host Do?


  • Have a wonderful time! Schedule your party any time between February 21 and March 9.
  • Invite at least 5 friends. (More would be better. That way there will be more food to taste.)
  • Cook from the book. Each guest will cook a recipe from the book to bring to the party.
  • Take pictures of the party, including the food and your friends and email the photos to us and tell us about your party, no later than March 17th, for inclusion in a future article on

A few more suggestions to help you host your cookbook club:

Q: Who makes what?

A: Usually the host makes the main course and assigns each guest a dish to make and bring to the party. But this is not a hard and fast rule. (There aren’t so many hard and fast rules in my kitchen.) So, as the host you have the option to plan the menu and assign each dish, but it’s also fun not knowing what everyone will make. So you can just assign each guest a category – soups, starters, sides, salads, mains or desserts. (Someone can even bake a bread or challah from the challah chapter!)

Q: Can I share the book with my club?

A:  Sure. You can either pass around your cookbook, or each person can buy his or her own copy (pretty please!) – they are available in Israel at all good Jewish bookshops, or if you can’t find one email us and we’ll track one down for you.

Q: What do we do at the party?

A:  Eat and discuss amongst yourselves. And eat some more. Seriously, we want you to talk about the food and about the book.  You can rate the recipes you each made, discuss what you liked or how you would tweak each dish.  Hopefully everyone will have had a chance to read through the stories in the book too, so along with the food discussion, you can talk about your own experiences with some of the issues I write about – epic kitchen disasters, for instance, or the “what’s for dinner” debate, your favorite family heirloom recipes, and there’s lots more. (Like sleep deprivation, mother of the year award, play date lunches, brisket a love story, dessert before the meal, the power of a smile etc….) As host, you can lead the discussion with a story of your own, if you like; then go round the table to share the thoughts and experiences of others. We’re especially interested in hearing the best (and best value) food subs you make in Israel for American products.

Q: How can I volunteer to be a host?

A: Put your name and town/city in the comments below.  Around February 6th we will select 12 people at random from across Israel to be our hosts and mail you the book so you can start planning.

We did this in the US and everyone had a great time, check out this cookbook club recap article to see what they did.

Update on 2/13 - So excited to see so many areas of the country included!! I wish I could give you all books and I hope you all consider hosting book club parties anyway. We spread it out and picked randomly and here are the winners - look for an email today:

1. Beth Saar, Ra'anana
2. Mina Yocheved, Eilat
3. Yael Maoz Rehovot
4 Sonia Esther Soltani Tel Aviv
5. Bracha Goldman Beersheva
6. Sara Mor - Bet Shemesh Nofei Aviv
7. Sue Epstein Efrat
8. Hadassah Levy Eli
9. Daniella Tannenwald Modiin
10.Tziona - Hispin (Golan)
11. Dave and Miri Bender - Tzfat
12. Marissa - Netanya