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Editor's Picks: Best Lunch Boxes For School Lunch

The kids are heading back to school, time to stock up on snacks, sandwich goods and most importantly a really good lunch box. 

Lunch boxes have come a long way over the years and there are more options than ever to choose from.  So how do you pick? 

It really depends on what you and your kids like, here are a few different choices that we like and the reasons you might like one over the other. 

Pack It Lunch Box

This lunch box by PackIt is a favorite among many mom's.  It flattens and then goes directly in the freezer and works to keep your foods cool for up to 10 hours!! 

Safer for your foods and better tasting for your kids, this lunch box comes in several colors and patterns so everyone will be happy. 

Leakproof Bento

We love bento boxes for lunches especially for picky eaters that like their food divided.  Check out our article for creative lunch ideas using a bento box - Bento Box Lunch Ideas Get Creative.  This new leakproof bento is particularly useful for younger kids, it works hard to keep that food separate.  

Lunch Box Snack HOlder

Check out these cute little snack holders.  Fun and vibrant in color it will make your carrot sticks more exciting.  Will keep dry goods tidy and fit nicely in a lunch box or book bag.  It is usually healthier to pack up your own snacks, so these holders are a winner. 

thermos lunch container

If you want the choice of hot or cold food, this thermos is the way to go. Keeps food hot for 4 hours or cold for 6. Better shape then the classic and  it works better too.