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Best of the Purim Favorites

Smoked Salmon Benedict

This week we brought you a plethora of Purim posts. So many new ideas and fresh takes on the classics. I rounded up all our Purim posts and put them in one place for you to reference for next year. Of course we will have more Purim ideas and recipes then - but some of these will be perennial favorites.

Here are some other topics we covered this week:


Marna Becker brought us her Hummus recipe (top-secret no longer) and taught us all about this tasty dip.

chia seeds

Tamar taught us about Chia Seeds- Not just for growing pets!!

poached eggs

Our cooking school continues with tips and tricks for How to Poach the Perfect Egg.


Jessica taught us How to Make the Perfect Cocktail.

Stay tuned - we start our Passover coverage next week!!

Our favorites this week from around the web:

Healthy Chocolate Strawberries-2

This looks so easy to make - a healthy chocolate dipmade with greek yogurt and nutella. What could be bad??


Gingered Broccoli Puree - now this will definitely get me to eat my greens - hoping it would work for the kids too!!

white bean chicken

I recently discovered kosher canned green chillies - I cannot wait to try out this recipe for White Bean Chicken with Green Chilies. Sounds divine!


I love risottos. It took me a while to make them the right consistency - but this Meyer Lemon Risotto is a definite addition to my list to make next week. It's so elegant and I am sure it will taste so good.


I love the idea of Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie - Tori used lentils and sriracha sauce in this recipe instead of the meat. Healthy and yummy!