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Best of The Web - Cheese

layered potatoes and cheese

This week all our thoughts turned towards Shavuot, which is only one week away now.  The three day (for most of us not living in Israel) holiday that is fast approaching.  Here on JOK we brought out the cheese plate, we helped you construct one for an appetizer or serve cheese for dessert.  The Cheese Guy gave us a cheese primer and we had so many wonderful lessons to get ready for Shavuot, from blintzes to cheesecake to surviving a 3 day yom tov.  Here are the top 5 articles form the week on our site and below that we scoured the internet for cheesey recipes for more inspiration.

cheese blintzes

Naomi Nachman shows us how to cook the crepes and roll the best blintzes, with step by step photos.

cheesecake instructions

And Jennifer Goren from the JCC in Manhattan takes us through making a cheesecake.

appetizer cheese plate

Tamar talked to Brigitte and learned how to construct a cheese plate for an appetizer course and how to serve cheese for dessert - Brie cheesecake anyone?

3 cheese pizza

The Cheese Guy introduced us to 5 Cheeses Everyone Should Know and shared 3 amazingly cheesy recipes for us to try for Shavuot or any time.


Don't miss Ruchi's yom tov survival guide, if this mother of 7 who doesn't like to cook can make so can we.

Now onto the web, we found flavorful pesto, goat cheese croutons,


Spinach Walnut Cheddar Pesto

Busy in Brooklyn wants you to know how to make pesto and she gives you the low down including this interesting version you will want to try, Spinach Walnut Cheddar Pesto.

goat cheese croutons

Smitten Kitchen shows us how these Goat Cheese Croutons are done.  Wow.


Feta and Chard Bulemas

The Boreka Diary inspired by her local farmer's market shares a classic Sephardic recipe for Bulemas, these are filled with Chard and cheese.


Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Salted Caramel Semifreddo and Hot Chocolate Sauce

We had to find something cool and refreshing that isn't quite cheese but would be amazing for Shavuot.  Chocolate Fudge Brownieswith...


Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Pizza

And last, but certainly not least, we found this Cheesecake Pizza was calling our name.

We hope you have been inspired and that we helped you plan your Shavuot menus, stay tuned for more great recipes next week.