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Best of The Web - Chefs and Kitchens


This week, a short one for us all, our most popular article took us into the kitchen at ETC. Steakhouse.   We got to see what happens behind the scenes and take home some recipes to try out ourselves.  We also delighted in pictures of a modern kitchen to get design ideas.  Take a look at a few other fun articles we want to make sure you didn't miss.  Then we found secret restaurant recipes around the web and more gorgeous kitchens as well as a few fun recipes.

seth warshaw

Inside the Kitchen at ETC. Steakhouse, Chef Seth Warshaw has come along way, find out more and plan to make his gnocchi this weekend.

cooking mistakes

Recent culinary school grad, Alli Barnet, shares some of her worst mistakes in hopes of helping us avoid them, don't miss this two part article -

Even Chefs Make Mistakes.

kitchen design shavuot 2

See the contasts in this black and white kitchen.  There is a reason for everything, read on for more Kitchen Style

Light Pasta Alfredo

Jamie shows us how to make 5 different One Bowl Pasta Dinners.


Don't you just love Hummus? It seems everyone has gotten on the bandwagon and why not.  This is Why Hummus Makes Me Happy - Win your Sample.

Around the web we found a kitchen design that is more homey and warm for those looking for something different.  And don't miss this Momofuku recipe.

warm woody kitchen

Some people on twitter said the black and white kitchen was not for them, they like the warmth of wood, well look what we found - Warm Woody Kitchen.


This healthy batter actually has beans in it, seems like a must try - Buttery Toffe Oatmeal Blondie Batter


We were looking for other secret restaurant recipes to share and this is a goody.  Momofuku Ooey Gooey Butter Cake with Blueberries


Apple Infused Coleslaw in a Jar This one just looked so fun - take this with for a picnic you won't be sorry.

carrot soup

Finally, a carrot soup with coconut, perfect combo. Curried Carrot and Coconut Soup.

Have a great weekend.