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Best of the Web Chocolate and Travel


In the past little while we have been eating a lot of chocolate so that we could bring you a plethora of posts devoted to that subject. It's been a hard job, but we were willing to make the sacrifice. Click to read all about our chocolate adventures

mango with sticky rice

Tamar traveled to Thailand and wrote about an inspiring trip.

asian market

We brought you tips on how best to navigate your local Asian market in search of kosher products.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Tali Simon took us step by step through making a galette - so much fun to do with the kids.

fruit punch

Nechama Cohen helps us reduce our carb intake over Purim.

Jamie showed us how to make elegant pink rimmed gefilte fish. Who said gefilte fish had to be boring?

Our Favorites from Around The Web:

oatmeal cupcakes

Amy shares a recipe for iced chocolate chip oatmeal cupcakes, and explains the difference between cupcakes and muffins.


Marshmallow Cream Fantasy Fudge - need I say more?


Did you know a German pancake is also called a Dutch Baby? Now you do!

donut hole brownies

This has to be the most inventive Brownie I have ever come across and it is so easy and I am sure tastes just divine - Glazed Donut Hole Brownies.


This soup is healthy and filling - Fava Bean Soup with Chili and Mint. (Have it before all those desserts I linked to above and you will have no guilt!)