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Best of the Web Last Minute Purim

sabra choc truffles

Purim is around the corner, mishloach manot have been prepared and labels stuck on, the menu plan for the seudah is in place, costumes are at the ready - Bring on Purim! We cannot wait. In case you are not as organized as we are here are some great last minute ideas, plus some other articles that are sure to interest you.

Minolta DSC

CreativeJewishMom helps us recycle while preparing for Purim and brings us Creative Mishloach Manot From Recycled Containers.

lemonpoppyseedcookies 2

Pam Reiss brings us some great alternative recipes to add to your Purim baskets.


Tina Wasserman continues the theme of Not Just Hamantashenfor Purim!


Jamie is hard at work writing her third cookbook - and starts a new series here on JoK - The Making of a Cookbook.


Tamar gave us a very important run down on food allergies- they may not apply to you but are sure to apply to someone you know. Be informed.

Our favorites this week from around the web:


I am a total sucker for brownies of any kind and these Triple Layer Fudgy Mint Oreo Browniestotally grabbed my attention - all the ingredients have kosher counterparts at your local kosher grocery.


I love this idea for Purim!Triangular shaped sushi - who says the only triangular Purim food is the Hamantash?


This Meatless BLT is perfect for those of us keeping kosher - you won't notice there is anything missing!


A Whole Foods Inspired Layered Salad with Orange Ginger Dressing would be a great Mishloach Manot idea, don't you agree?

cantstopbaking hamatash

These hamantashen are to die for. Brownie Stuffed Hamantash? Yes please!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Purim next week!