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Best of the Web Purim

Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls

We have kicked our Purim preparation into high gear - less than two weeks left, folks, have you got all your mishloach manot planned? What's on your menu for the seudah? Do your children have their costumes ready? Enjoy some of our favorite posts from this week.

Amazing Technicolor Dream Cakes

Allaya brought us some awesome recipes for Purim treats.

gift hummus

Jamie remembers how overworked she was the first Purim in a new neighborhood.


 Rabbi Lawrence explained to us what Purim is about.

persian carpets

Sharon Lurie brought us some wonderful menu ideas for a Purim Seudah - I just cannot wait to try out the Persian Carpet Rides, just because I LOVE the name!

crown and mask

PLUS some great ideas for your mishloach manotpurim decor andpurim packaging.

Our favorites this week from around the web:


Blogeats brings us a delicious recipe for Beet Tart with Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese, and Frisee.


If you are like me, you love brownies in ANY form. These quick and easy Mississippi Mud Brownies will not disappoint. You may have to share, so be sure to make a double batch.


We came across this Sparkling Champagne and Strawberries Jello and thought it might be the perfect dessert for your Purim seudah.


Melinda brings us Cauliflower Crust Cheesy Pizza which was inspired by her sister's Paleo diet - no grains, only proteins, fruits and veggies.

pinto bean salad-2334

And something healthy and light but oh so delicious - Pinto beans and yellow squashes with green dressing.