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Best Of The Web This Week

Papaya Guacamole

This has been a busy week - our new Joy of Kosher Magazine Purim Edition hit the news stands, Punxatawny Phil promised us six more weeks of winter, and we're all preparing for the Superbowl. Here are some of our favorite features articles and some fun pieces we have seen around the web. Enjoy!

Gefilte Fish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

Jamie talked to us about fish swimming in the bathtub, and shared her favorite Gefilte Fish Recipes.

purim mag cover

Our new Purim Magazine came out - click for a preview of great contentand for chances to win great prizes!

Istanbul market main

Gloria Kobrin told us about her fascinating trip to Istanbul.


Tamar gave us some great tips for Cooking with Kids.


In anticipation of the Superbowl Tamar brings you some healthy recipes and Elliot Chrem gives tips for a Superbowl party to remember.

Our Favorites from Around the Web:


Continuing on the Superbowl theme, Miss Make shows us exactly how to make these adorable superbowl cupcakes.


The shows us exactly how to make a cracker thin pizza crust- and it doesn't seem to be that difficult at all. Try it - you'll be surprised.

Simply Recipes brings us this delicious cheesy jalapeno pull bread. Delish!


Our friend Tori brings us a recipe for lemony saffron couscous along with a wonderful family history.


I just discovered the Love and Olive Oil blog and am in love with this cake. Red Wine Chocolate Cake - sounds perfect on so many levels! It can be made pareve if you make the right substitutions.