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Best of the Web This Week - Earth Day

chocolate mousse

This Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day, a day we use to focus on the environment.  There are so many fun ways to enjoy and take note of this day with recycling projects and planting and much more.  Over here on JoyofKosher we like to focus on the food. So along with the highlights from our site this week, we have selected some fantastic Earth Day recipes and ideas form around the web.  Scroll down for more.

chilled pea and mint soup

This Chilled Pea and Mint Soup is the perfect start to an Earth Day feast, but there is more where that came from including Chocolate (Dirt) Mousse Cups pictured above in Good Eating on Earth Day.

Sweet and Spicy Pecans

Our friend Jessica shared some secret recipe ideas to get your house to smell good, realtors use this trick to sell a house, now that you bought it why shouldn't your house smell great all the time.

Edit cookbook

Jamie told us all about editing her 3rd cookbook, this is going to take a while, but stay tuned for more about the photo shoot.

heirloom white bean soup

Tamar went bean crazy with recipes and information on the Health of Beans, What are Heirloom Beans? and Benefits of Fiber,  you can learn a bean or two.

june short ribs

June Hersh our Kosher Carnivore gave us a taste of a Spring BBQ, let's head outside and grill or if you don't have a grill, use the broiler and eat on the patio.

 Our Faves From Around the Web Help Us Celebrate Earth Day:

green pizza

A Green Pizza filled with little broccoli trees is the perfect lunch for Sunday.


After you finish planting the real stuff outside, come on in and plant some trees in your Earth Day Cake. Yum.


Here we found 8 Earth Day Seasonal Recipes to choose from. This salad looks delicious with goat cheese.


What? Did you say there was a beet in my cupcake? Bourbon Golden Beet Cupcakes A great way to get your vegetables.


Even the drinks aren't left out on earth day, we found a bunch of Earth Day inspired cocktails like this Green Plantini- have a great weekend and a green earth day.