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Best of the Web This Week - Israel

blue swirl cheesecake

This week, in fact, yesterday we celebrated Israel's Independence Day, Yom Ha'atzmaut.  Many of us like to celebrate Israel all the time, because let's face it, the food is just so good.  Looking back at this week we had some great posts on Israeli food on our site and around the web.

Jamie shared her Chicken Shawarma recipe and all her favorite Israeli recipes.  She puts Tehina and Hummus on everything, what about you?

Shawarma Chicken and Chummus Pitas with French Fries


Tamar told us why we should continue to eat these amazing Israeli recipes and what we can learn from the Israeli diet, Health Benefits of the Israeli Diet.

blue swirl cheesecake

Tali Simon shared a gorgeous Blue and White Swirl Cheesecake for us to make at home with her step by step photos.  She made sure to use Israeli chocolate wafer cookies and special Israeli cheese as a true Ode to our Kachol V'Lavan State.

For around the web this week we thought it would be appropriate to showcase what Israeli food bloggers have been doing this week.

lachooch eitan 5 (1 of 1)

Israeli food blogger Sarah Melamed finds Yemenite foods still alive in Tel Aviv.  Aromas of Yemen.


Another food blogger from Tel Aviv, Liz, shares this fantastic salad with green almonds - Pasta Salad with Fresh Green Almonds and Mediterranean Herbs.


Matkonation (a gorgeous Israeli food blog) shares this Kadaif and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake - only way to find out what Kadaif is, is to click through.

Our friend, Katherine Martinelli, just announced an iphone app that may come in handy to some traveling to Israel this summer. Rama Food Tour App.



Finally, miriyummy, native Israeli, reminisces about celebrating Israel Independence day and shares a recipe for traditional israeli cooked salad and reminisces