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Every Friday, as we head home for the weekend, we want to share with you articles and recipes that inspired us this week.  First, we want to make sure you didn't miss any of the exciting things happening on our site.

tomato bread soup

A Taste of Jewish Florence

Be inspired to make some new comfort food.  Tamar shares her story of traveling in Florence and the inspiration to come home and make comforting Tuscan bread soups.

Food Trends for 2012


Did you know that Jewish Food will be a trend this year? Find out what other trends the media are predicting.

Chicken Soup: A Classic Jewish Recipe

chicken soup

Warm up with a bowl of soup this winter.  Ronnie Fein shares he mom's favorite classics including Pasta Fagiole.

Loaves of Love


Chef Laura shares her favorite comfort food meal, the meal her husbands requests for his birthday dinner, Meatloaf.

Watch Jamie make what will be your new family favorite, Creamy Pink Linguine - truly very easy and oh-so delicious.

Our Favorites from Around the Web

breakfast bakes

Breakfast Bakes
Four amazing Gluten Free and Vegan recipes to get your day started right.

Kale Pesto Pasta


Kale is filled with nutrients and is so versatile it can even be made into pesto.  This is a fantastic way to increase your veggies.


Beet Hummus

We have so many varieties of Hummus on this site, but we never thought of Beets.  A fun take on an Israeli staple.

Popped Amaranth Peanut Butter Cups


This post will teach you all about Amaranth and start you off with the most delectable recipe that can be made non-dairy for any occasion.

Chocolate Macarons


Learn to make these classic French pastries with step by step instructions and pictures.  They seem to be popping up everywhere these days and these are fortune cookie macarons, make your own and impress them all.