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Bread Making Kitchen Tools

bread box

I have fully hopped on the no knead bread bandwagon and my family loves it.  I make the best, tastiest and cheapest bread at least once a week that tastes like it comes from a baker and it only takes about 10 minutes active time.  Read about my experiences and get my favorite no knead bread recipes here.

In addition to the various no knead breads that I make, once in a while I still take time out for Challah.  Whatever kind of bread you are making the right kitchen gadgets can make it easier and better for you.

emile henry dutch oven

For the no knead breads you really need a nice Dutch Oven, I really like using this one from Emile Henry. I also have their Bread Clochle which is meant to make breads in, but haven't had as much success with it and I don't really have space for so many different pots, I would rather have one that can do more.

bread machine

Before getting into no knead bread I really enjoyed the bread machine.  It was no mess, no fuss and you can come home to a fresh bread every day.  You can use it just to knead for you or you can have it bake the whole thing, I like that this bread machine from Panasonic has a separate yeast dispenser and makes up to a 2 1/2 pound loaf.

This is a Bread Proofer, a special place to rise and fermetn your dough.  I have always wanted to try one of these and it even folds up, so you don't have to worry about finding space to keep it. It also doubles as a yogurt maker and can be used to temper chocolate.  I am very intrigued by this machine, have you tried it?

bread proofer

bread box

Now that you have your bread you have to store it and keep it fresh.  Get a nice looking bread box, like this one to store all your baked goods.

For all your bread baking you need a nice extra large bowl, especially if you like making challah with 5 lbs of flour or if you do like me and make a huge batch of pita dough and then make some fresh every couple of days. This bowl  can hold up to 10 Liters and always works for me to keep out the mess.

extra large bowl

For the challah baking days you can try out this challah pan for perfect shape every time.  They also have one in a tin.

challah pan

One last fun tool is this Challah dough cover.  It is designed to fit neatly around a huge round bowl so it can be used for any of your bread making.

challah dough cover

What bread baking tools do you find helpful?