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Calling All Cooks In Israel

hebrew foods in israel

Let's help each other.  One of the most amazing things I love about our community is the immediate feedback.  Whether via Facebook, email or as a comment you all let us know how you feel.  And I love it, most probably cause the feedback is generally positive and often inspiring - both in the kitchen and in life.  Lately though, we have been getting a lot of comments like this one:

I love to read all your super recipes and hints but please -- not all of your readers live in America and, as you must yourself know by now, not all the ingredients you mention are available here in Israel.

-Laura B.

So while I do live in Israel, I live in an American community with an American style store that stocks lots of my favorite American brands and products.  Additionally I travel back and forth often and have lots of products sent to me for recipe development.  So I can't say that I have become an expert in cooking like I live in Israel in the last 10 months.  I can't even claim to know what products are not readily available in stores across the country not situated in Anglo-communities.  So here's where we help each other.

Please comment below with any and all cooking in Israel substitution Qs or otherwise and my new friend Dvora Rotter and I (OK mostly Dvora) will create a cheat sheet post listing substitutions - that we will research and test together.  This post will be a living one that we will constantly be adding to as your queries continue.  And you too can help by offering your tips and suggestions for substitution to each other in the comments.  We hope this will help you from getting frustrated with recipes using ingredients you can't find.

How does that sound?

Start asking your questions now!!