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Cashew Cream and Tomato Sauce For Pasta


Creamy cashew cream, vanilla, and fresh tomatoes. Ever think you would hear that combination? Well if you are used to my website, I Want That For Dinner, you know I am very creative in the kitchen. If eating healthy and gluten free without creativity, life can taste very bland. I hope you are up to try something new tonight for dinner and follow this delicious recipe!

Bakto flavors were kind enough to send me delicious vanilla products for me to create dishes for my blog. Thankfully, the extremely fragrant ground Madagascar vanilla bean made its way into the package. I chose to make a recipe that was not a typical dessert with vanilla. I thought about savory dishes and realized tomato is considered a fruit, but eaten in a savory dishes. I then Googled adding vanilla bean to sauce, and hundreds of websites popped up… I wasn’t crazy after all! After reading many of the comments, the consensus was that vanilla added a warmth and flavor without the usual sweetness.  To finish my sauce, I chose to add a little spicy chili flakes and cream to balance all of the flavors together.

Have you ever made a cream out of cashews? It is SO simple and tastes like actual dairy, but is Pareve and vegan.  All you have to do is mix raw cashews with water and process for a few minutes in a good blender and there you have it, non dairy cream.

Follow the directions in my recipe for Cashew Cream and Tomato Sauce to make your cream sauce and mix it with my spicy tomato sauce to top your first Pasta after Passover.  Enjoy the return to chametz.