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CBS To Explore The Relationship Between Food and Faith


CBS will begin broadcasting a show called "Food, Faith, and Culture" next week.

This program looks at the relationship between food and faith in three world religions: Judaism, Islam and Sikhism.

We are so excited that they are featuring Moshe and Shana Wendel, the husband-and-wife team behind Pardes, an innovative kosher restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Pardes happens to be our Best of Kosher Restaurant winner from 2011.  Everyone who visits Pardes comes away with a positive review, at minimum you will never be bored.

Pardes serves kosher French food with a twist of Americana, a reflection of Chef Wendel’s training at well-regarded French restaurants. He serves interesting dishes like Beef Cheek Pizza, a Chicken and Chocolate Waffle, Sweet Breads, Ox Heart and Tartare of marrow.  Eating at Pardes is an experience and Chef Wendel should be perfect for this special.

In the last five years, Moshe and Shana Wendel have became traditionally observant and as they made their way from non-kosher to kosher and a fully orthodox lifestyle, Chef Wendel began to create a name for himself in the kosher restaurant scene.  In 2010, they decided to open Pardes,  a place where they can honor their faith and professional aspirations.

Find out where and when it will air in your area - . Let us know if you see it.