Challah Recipes Galore!

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Pull Apart Challah

OMG I am rolling. I just made 20 pounds of challah. DID YOU READ THAT?! TWENTY!!!! POUNDS. Testing sweet and savory "challah" and "challah-esque" recipes for my new book. I am swearing off carbs for a year, or, well, at least a week, for sure until the end of today. One of my many goals in life is to see how many different things I can make out of my challah dough.

Here's a recap of what I've done with it to date -- plus a special PB&J challah somethin' from Hadassah.


Challah Dough
Onion Pockets
Garlic Knots
Cinnamon Buns
Onion and Thyme Challah Rolls
Individual Apple Stuffed Challah
PB&J Babka Buns


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What do you do with your challah dough?  Here's to washing and bentching!