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Check Out The #ShareSabra Blogger Dinner


So much of our lives these days are set around our computer or another digital device.  Most of our communication takes place through email, texting and sometimes voice or video calls.  As someone who works from a home office, it is nice to have the chance to get out for a night and it always nice to get to see all the bloggers we work with and email with in person once in a while.  It is especially great when a bunch of foodies get together for a pot luck style dinner featuring Sabra recipes.   With a food demo, a prop swap, Israeli wines and lots of food, we had a great time.  Some of you may have followed along on social media with #ShareSabra and here is the full recap, recipes and all!!

You can see even more pictures over on our Facebook page here.

alessandra at sabra dinner

Alessandra from graciously offered to host the party with me using her home in NYC.  She made the whole evening come together easily, I can't thank her enough.

sabra party meet

Everyone came and began to schmooze.

Chef Shlomo

Chef Shlomo, personal chef from, brought three delicous dishes for us, all made with Sabra salads and also entertained us with a cooking demo.

alessanra and chef shlomo

making shakshuka


Here he is finishing up the Lamb and Chard Shakshuka that he demoed, while the rest of us watch and share on instagram.

sabra party

Then we go to eat!!

kosher wines for sabra dinner

Don't forget the wine.

prop swap

Some of us traded props in our Prop Swap, where we brought dishes and/or napkins that we are sick of using in our food photos and traded them in for someone else's props - we had so much fun.

sabra dinner winners

Say hi to our lucky winners!!  Monica was our winner who graciously brought her mom to join our dinner.  They are big foodies and big fans, it was so much fun to have them join our party.

Now onto the recipes:


The Spice Merchant's Arancini with Caponata and Lamb Ragout from Alessandra Rovati (DinnerInVenice).


Lowfat Kale & Potato Spiral Fillo Bourekas from Chanie Apfelbaum (BusyInBrooklyn)

liz meatballs

Israeli Meatballs in Tahini by Liz Reuven (KosherLikeMe)


Spanish Eggplant and Potato Frittata from Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox (MayIHaveThatRecipe)

Sabra Tart85

Creamy Babaganoush and Caramelized Onion Tart from Shushy Turin (CookingInHeelss)

caponata chicken

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Grilled Eggplant from Chef Shlomo

Beef Moussaka

Beef Moussaka with Grilled Eggplant from Chef Shlomo

Tahini Olive Oil Cake85

Schug Brittle85

Tahini Olive Oil Cake and Schug Pine Nut Brittle from Melinda Strauss (Kitchen-Tested)

Sabra Dinner salads

Thanks to Sabra for sponsoring this amazing dinner!!

Photos by Yaron Karl