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Chocolate Goodness From M&M Designs

purim m&m2

As we count down to Purim my Facebook and Twitter streams are all about Mishloach Manot themes. Some people go all out and some go the easy way. Whichever way you go, M&M Designs can customize their delicious goodies to your specific theme or send a stunning basket to whoever you wish to treat.


Last week M&M Designs shipped me a beautiful Purim package - the one you see pictured up top. Every single item within this package - chocolates, truffles, brownies and one HUGE sugar cookie - was part of the same theme - the masquerade mask. Each item was individually wrapped in gold or purple. It is obvious that care and attention is taken of every single detail.


The brownies were the first to disappear. Delicious - and so pretty that it seemed a shame to eat them. Each individual brownie square was frosted with hard icing, upon which was printed Happy Purim with edible ink. There were triangular hamantaschen-shaped chocolates, and chocolate masks, tiny little bar chocolates, and round truffles.

The beauty of these goodies is that not only do they look really pretty, they actually taste good too! The brownies were perfectly chocolatey and not too cakey - still fresh even though it took us a few days to open the package. All chocolates and cookies are non-dairy and the entire inventory is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

mask cookie

M&M Designs also do custom designs for barmitzvahs, weddings, upsherins and every occasion in between. Check out their website and facebookpage. Tell them JoyofKosher sent you!

purim m&m