Cinco de Mayo - Authentic Kosher Mexican

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The start of tomato season is almost upon us. While we wait, another member of the tomato family, the tart green tomatillo, prized in Mexican cuisine, starts to appear in markets.

Tomatillos are a tart, green fruit that resemble tomatoes but are very lemony and brightly flavored. Often overlooked, this sprightly member of the nightshade family is too puckery to eat raw, but adds a piquant citrus flavor when toasted. I love this creamy sauce with its earthy, nutty flavor. I serve Pipian, or green mole, with roasted or BBQ chicken, roasted fish, grilled vegetables and my kids favorite, chicken schnitzel. The vibrant color and flavor wake up the plainest piece of chicken or fish. Tomatillos are in season during the summer months. The sauce can be made and stored, covered, in the refrigerator for three days or frozen for one month.


Pipian Sauce