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Cook Once, Eat Twice - Chicken!

Pesto Chicken Flatbread Pizza

Leftover chicken can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be.  Instead it can be another easy weeknight dinner.

First you think chicken salad, then chicken tacos, then chicken pot pie, then pulled bbq chicken sandwiches topped with sliced avocado on a whole wheat bun.  Well maybe you didn't think of that last one, my mind just runs wild and I can't help myself, sorry, but you probably have thought of some version of pulled chicken.  Yes?  No?  Anyhoo point being you thought of all or most of this stuff before.


Chicken Tacos

Inevitably we over cook.  Always, it's in our DNA.  Have you yet to meet a Jewish host or hostess who doesn't?  If you have I want his/her name, age, location PRONTO.  And I want to know why, when and how s/he managed not to overdo it.

Chicken is one of the more annoying things to have leftovers of because while it's the easiest to reinvent we sometimes have trouble thinking about what, when and how to reinvent it.

Soup Chicken or any kind of baked/roasted chicken are perfectly suited for a costume change.  Whether it's sweet like Honey Chicken

or savory like Speedy Co Au Vin

I just pull off the skin and shred or cube the meat for act 2.

Pesto Pasta

It's summer, well almost.  And I love these two fresh ideas for make it once eat it twice chicken.  Pesto Chicken Flatbread Pizza and Pesto Pasta Chicken.  Pesto is one of my favorite summer sauces.  You can buy store bought pesto like I do for my chicken "pizza".  You can make your own from fresh basil leaves like I do for my pesto pasta.  If the thought of checking fresh basil makes you want to cry you can sub in equal parts parsley (which comes readily available checked in most kosher supermarkets) or try those frozen "fresh chopped" cubes of basil.  1 cube = 2 tsp so you will need alot.  But it does make life just a little easier.

What are your favorite leftover chicken recipes, ideas and tips?