Cooking With Chicken Like A Pro

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Easy Roasted Chicken

How many people have cooked for years or are newly married but really never learned the secrets of cooking and not getting frazzled or despondent when a recipe doesn’t turn out like it says in the book.

Cookbook recipes are only a guideline.

But cooking is always from the heart giving you the ability to play and experiment.

In the months to come I will be giving you the tricks of how to cook learning all the tricks and secrets of the trade.

Today I will teach you How to Cook Finger Licking Chicken.

Chicken has always been one of my favourite foods and is always on our table on Shabbos.

Regardless of the time of year, there's always a great way to cook chicken. Chicken on the barbecue, skewered, marinated in teriyaki sauce for the summer. And that first roast chicken in the fall - with mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots - always feels like an extra special treat.

But... you need to know how to cook chicken if you want it to be delicious.

Knowledge... It's the difference between ending up with burnt, dry chicken, and ending up with a perfectly seared, juicy chicken breast.

And hey! It's a lot more fun to spend time in the kitchen when you know you'll end up with a fantastic meal.

How to cook Chicken

There's a lot to know about cooking chicken. How to prepare baked chicken breasts, barbecued chicken wings, whole roasted chicken. How to fry chicken, how to braise it, how to grill it. There are endless possibilities.

Not sure what the best way to cook a particular piece of chicken is?

So….Let’s get started on the basic way of roasting a chicken to perfection.

Roasting a chicken well is actually a very simply task and here is my recipe for a  Simple Market Roasted Chicken.