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Cooking With Joy: Beer Braised Top of The Rib

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We loved this recipe! I love cooking with beer, I love it so much that I put one in my cholent every week! Beer ads a depth of flavor and sweetness that makes people say “hhmm, what is that”? Hubs was a big fan of this recipe just from the name “Beer Braised Holiday Top of the Rib”, beer and meat, what could possibly be bad?

The brown sugar, cumin and coffee seared into the meat made a really great crust. The carrots and parsnips basting in the pan drippings and beer made them extra sweet and luscious. Even though the veggies held their shape, they almost had a creamy texture to them. They became so sweet from their natural sugars and the beer.

One of Hubs favorite parts was the braised garlic. He smashed some of the cloves and spread them onto bread; the taste was out of this world! We served this roast with rice to soak up the gravy and loved that the veggies were a built in as a simple side.

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Note: This blog series, Cooking With Joy, is meant to be a companion to the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller cookbook.  Most of the full recipes are only available in the cookbook.