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Cooking With Joy: Cocktail Meatballs



Let me start off by saying that we are a meatball family. We have meatballs often and that is my go to thing to triple batch and stick in the freezer. I have a crazy fast easy recipe that I adapted from my mother's not as fast, but also super simple yummy recipe.

This recipe is similar, yet different to mine and my mom's.

My mom made her "Sweet and Sour meatballs" (served over rice) as an appetizer for Succos when I was younger. It was something I always looked forward to. Super simple recipe, a can of whole cranberry sauce and a can of tomato sauce with some water- DONE! She would saute the meatballs and then drop them in the sauce to finish cooking. They were a hit, everyone loved them.

Then it came my turn to make meatballs for my family, I adapted the recipe a little by adding more aggressive seasoning and Worcestershire sauce to my mix. And for the last 6 years, I have been rolling them into balls and dropping them straight into the sauce to cook rather then sauteing (to save time and calories). After trying this recipe tonight, I think I'll listen to Jamie and go back to using the saute. The meatballs came out so much lighter and yummier when sauteed.

Cocktail Meatballs with Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce page 28
DRESS IT UP Deconstructed Meatball Bruschetta

cocktail meatballs

Now for the sauce, which kind of reminds me of a corn beef glaze. I would call it "tangy". Hubs and I found it to be a little too tangy for our taste. The vinegar was very apparent at first and then made way for the sweetness of the brown sugar.

I am making it a meal and serving the meatballs with Spaghetti Squash (LOVE) and will have the sauce on the side if we feel like a dip.

You can also dress it up and make Deconstructed Meatball Bruschetta as seen in the main image above, get the JOY of KOSHER cookbook for the full recipe.