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Cooking with Joy: Coconut Berry Soup

coconut berry soup


Coconut Milk is another one of those ingredients that I have only heard of and never tasted. As I opened the first can the scent transported me to a tropical island, imagining myself swinging in a hammock in a warm breeze under a palm tree, now back to reality. I just HAD to taste the milk, since I needed to know what my end product would taste like. It was creamy and not at all sweet with a mild taste of coconut. Since I am not someone who uses coconut often, this was new to me.

I added the milk to the frozen fruit that was already in the bowl, my kids thought I was making smoothies, well I sorta was!
Then it came time to find my zester for the lemons. I used to know exactly where it was, until my 2 year old started using that drawer while "helping" me in the kitchen. " Want Dis Mommy", Nope please put it back" K" (she put it back and took something else out ) "Want Dis Mommy", Nope don’t need that either, please put it back" and that usually goes on for a while until she finds something else to keep her busy while Im trying to make dinner. Anyway- I found the zester, it only took a couple of minutes.

In went the lemon juice (this time no juice all over the counter), lemon zest, honey and salt. I used my immersion blender, which is one of my favorite and most used kitchen tools. It makes clean up a breeze and is so much easier then schlepping out the blender- ( for those of us who don't have the luxury of counter space). If you don’t have an immersion blender yet, I highly recommend getting one!

I didn’t strain the soup through a sieve. Not that it wasn’t necessary, its just I don’t have a sieve and I was just making this for my fam to have a yummy dessert and knew they wouldn’t be particular. If you have a sieve, totally go for it! It would definitely make the soup even creamier

When I turned around for 2 seconds to put the dishes in the sink, my 5 year old had his finger in the mixing bowl- It's just THAT good.

As a yummy adult variation Hubs and I added some coconut flavored rum to the soup- back to the tropical island we went :) Just one thing to keep in mind if you add alcohol, you need to stir it, since it will probably separate (ours did).

We ate most of it for desert after dinner, and I froze the rest for shabbos, I’m looking forward.

coconut berry soup or smoothie

Chilled Coconut Berry Soup
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