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Cooking with Joy: Easy Couscous Side



I always notice people asking for quick and easy side dishes. Well this recipe might be exactly what those people are looking for. This recipe took about 7 minutes from start to finish NO JOKE!

While the water was boiling for the couscous I prepped the rest of the ingredients.

Hubs doesn’t like craisins, so I just added a few. I love the sweet tart flavor they add to most things I put them in. I also loved the combo of the cumin, parsley, lemon and pine nuts!

The couscous didn’t even hit our plates; we ate it right out of the bowl.

couscous with pine nuts

Easy Cranberry and Pine Nut Couscous page 100
DRESS IT UP option 1 Cranberry Couscous Squash Bowls
DRESS IT UP option 2 Cranberry Couscous Eggplant Boats 

This is a no fail recipe- make your own! Double it or triple it, add more lemon or pine nuts or forget the craisins- whatever works for your crew!