Cooking With Joy: Eat Your Veggies

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Eat your veggies! Isn't that what your parents always said? Well Thank G-d that is one problem that we do not have here. We have successfully gotten our kids to eat broccoli, spinach, asparagus and even the forbidden brussel sprout!

We make variations of these recipes pretty often; just now we have official measurements to follow. Since these veggies sides are so easy to make, the kids could even get in on the action. You know what they say? Kids who help cook, are less likely to be picky eaters. You may even get your kids to try these green delicacies!

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Wilted Spinach with Crispy Garlic Chips page 124
DRESS IT DOWN Garlic Wilted Spinach

It's the easiest thing to open a bag of spinach and empty it into a sauté pan. It never ceases to amaze me how the spinach shrinks from "over flowing" the pan, to barely a few portions. Slicing the garlic into chips is definitely more time consuming than dicing it, but the final product is really pretty, and the chips add a nice crunch.

brussels sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Herb "Butter" page 122
DRESS IT DOWN Garlic and Thyme Brussels Sprouts

The dress it down version of the brussel sprouts is another super simple recipe (just the way we like it). Hubs actually prepared this recipe, since I was working late that day (I knew there was no way he could mess it up) Again, we opted to leave out the thyme.
One thing that we love about brussel sprouts is how they crisp up when roasted. The crispy leaves are a great way to get people to try it.