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Cooking With Joy: Latkes

joy of kosher caviar latkes


“Mommy is it Chanuka”? “Nope, no it is not. Mommy is cooking her way through a cookbook, so we might be having things a little out of season from now on”. I totally see how that could confuse a 2 year old ☺.

Let me start off my saying something about my food processor. I have a really great quality Cuisinart that we use for so many things; the one thing it does not have is a “Kugel Blade”.  So our Potato Kugel comes out looking like a Lukshen Kugel, now we don’t mind at all, everything tastes great, I just wanted to give you a heads up as to why my latkes look the way they do.

This recipe is similar to my usual latke recipe, I mean seriously how many variations could there be, right? I usually put matzah meal in mine, so this cornmeal added a nice textural change. Hubs and the kids love any form of fried potato, so getting the family to enjoy these fresh from the pan was not hard at all! We had the Latkes with a choice of sour cream or apple sauce to keep things traditional. All in all another enjoyable meal!

joyofkosher latkes

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