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Cooking With Joy: Parve Iced Cinnamon Buns

Iced Cinnamon Buns


Before your mouth starts watering you should be aware that this recipe calls for Challah Dough. Go prepare the dough (try this recipe)  and then come back and read how incredible these cinnamon buns turned out!

Now that you have your prepared Challah Dough you can begin the process of baking these AMAZING “desserts” (read: Breakfast or anytime snack).

Last Shavuot I really went all out "Joy of Kosher" style. My entire menu was from the cookbook. I made the Orange Scented Cheesecake and Dairy Sticky Buns, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Lemon Sauced Salmon, Tuna Noodle Casserole, and these Parve Iced Cinnamon Buns (the other reviews are on their way.

Many of our neighbors spend the long Shabbos afternoons in our local playground with their kids. The topic of conversation will usually turn to food and recipe sharing. When I mentioned that I was making Cinnamon Buns for Shavuot, everyone said they needed a taste (I should have seen that coming), so I decided to make them into mini's so there would be enough to share. "Mini's" being a relative term.

I thought I had only used a small amount of dough for each, but they still came out pretty HUGE! The soft cinnamony/sugary center was incredible. The perfect amount of sweet and doughy (“perfect amount” being “drip all over your fingers and make a huge delicious mess” amount of sweet and doughy :) ). I had mine with a cup of coffee for breakfast.

WOW!! I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Needless to say they went pretty fast on the playground!

Iced Cinnamon Buns

Iced Cinnamon Buns p.342

Note: This blog series, Cooking With Joy, is meant to be a companion to the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller cookbook.  Most of the full recipes are only available in the cookbook.