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Cooking With Joy: Roasted Asian Veggies

raw root vegetables salad joyofkosher cookbook

In late summer, I love to go to my local farmers market and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of my favorites are beets, carrots, and radishes. The vibrant colors alone are reason enough, but we also really enjoy eating them!


We opted to dress this recipe down and roast the veggies while leaving off the nuts. We figured it would be more family-friendly, since our family is not so into nuts.

Beets and fennel are right up there with some of my favorite things to eat. And while hubs likes most vegetables, his best in this dish are the radishes.

Roasting and caramelizing any vegetable is a great way to bring out its natural sweetness.The addition of this sesame/soy marinade did a great job highlighting the flavors of each vegetable, too.


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DRESS IT DOWN Asian Roasted Root Vegetables