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Cooking With Joy: Salt and Pepper Chicken



You may recognize this picture; it is after all on the cover of the cookbook! Aside from it looking pretty, I think it also says a lot about the recipes in the book. Jamie is giving delicious recipes for families to be able to prepare quickly (for the most part). This recipe is the epitome of that. The prep took minutes and the results were beyond words delicious!


Crispy Salt and Pepper Chicken with Caramelized Fennel and Shallots page 179
DRESS IT DOWN Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings 

After cleaning the chicken, I put it in a bag with flour, shook it around a little and placed the pieces of chicken and vegetables in a baking dish. I’m not gonna lie, Hubs and I were a little worried that this dish was not going to taste very good. How good could it possibly be with just flour, salt and pepper?

Since I skipped browning the chicken in the pan, after it was done cooking I broiled it for 5 minutes just to give it some color on top. The chicken came out AMAZING!!!!!!!! The caramelized fennel, shallot and garlic were divine! Our 6 year old finished his pulky and then helped himself to more chicken off of Hubs plate. He said “Mommy please make this again and again!” Score!!!! There is nothing that makes me happier then knowing that the food I cooked is enjoyed by my family. My personal favorite thing was the caramelized fennel covered in the juice from the chicken. Did I mention how juicy the chicken was? The chicken was moist beyond belief. I guess the trick is to coat it in flour to seal in the moisture. I will definitely be making this dish again!!