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Cooking With Joy: Shabbos Special

Joy of Kosher Shabbos Special


This project is going pretty well and the more I work my way through the book the more encouraged I get. So far I have finished the Appetizers section and am heading towards sides. Not sure how I will continue from here, but this week I have focused on Shabbos food. We are having guests for shabbos lunch, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try these recipes out. Aside from my usual shabbos fair, I made the following things from the cookbook- Deep Dish Kugel, Garlic Ranch dip, Deli Salad, Gefilte fish and even made the Lemon Lovers Chummus again, because it was that good and easy!

Crudite with Garlic Ranch Dip

Fancy Crudites with Garlic Ranch Dip page 61
Quick Crudites

Wednesday night- I made the dips since they can be kept in the fridge for longer than the rest of the food. I have never really tasted the “Ranch” flavor before, I really loved the flavor. Cool, Creamy, Tangy, Garlicky- that is how I would describe it. I plan on serving that along with the Chummus, challah and fish as the first course this shabbos lunch to our guests.

Baked Herbed Gefilte Fish page 58
DRESS IT UP Baked Carrots-Stuffed Gefilte Fish

Chilled Coconut Berry Soup page 63
DRESS IT UP Fruit, Flower, and Mint Ice Cubes

Baked Sweet Potato Chips page 66
DRESS IT UP Purple, Orange, and White Chips


Triple Deli Pasta Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing page 77
DRESS IT UP Deconstructed Chef's Salad

Daddy's Deep Dish Potato Kigel/Kugel page 91
DRESS IT UP Pastrami Potato Kugel

Thursday night-I made the Kugel and the Gefilte fish. You may remember from previous post that Gefilte fish is one of those things that I don’t do. After reading Jamie’s intro to this recipe and tasting the finished product I realize why that is. The texture of boiled fish to me is GROSS! Don’t get me wrong, I am still not a fish fan, but this recipe was so much more palatable (I even picked at the onions from the bottom). The fish came out much firmer than the usual boiled type. The spices made it have a Sfardi like taste. Hubs said it would be great with Matbucha and Turkish Salad- maybe next time!

Our usual shabbos doesn’t have kugel. I like to save it for Yom Tov or guests, since its not so healthy. My usual recipe calls for half the eggs to potatoes. This recipe calls for one egg per potato- yikes, talk about cholesterol! But its special and I wont make it all that often, so once in a while its ok(ish). Hubs and I tasted the kugel once its cooled enough to cut. As promised by baking it in glass the crusts came out SO CRISPY and the center so soft and delicious!! As much as I would like to save the environment and not use disposables, I usually use disposable aluminum tins, just to make things easier. Even though I greased the glass as directed, it was still very hard to get every last bit out. Hubs said the crispy crust was worth scrubbing extra hard.

I made the salad dressing before shabbos, and made a sample plate for the picture. I decided not to have pasta as part of it, I am not a fan of pasta in my salad. We really didnt like the creamy italian dressing. Again the vinegar was front and center- in our opinion overpowered the rest of salad. But like Jamie writes at this recipe- make it your own- so we did! We dont like pasta in our veggie salad and we dont like lots of vinegar in our food. I ended up making a different dressing to serve for the meal.

Our guests DEVOURED the gefilte fish and dips and really enjoyed the kugel and salad, even though it had a different dressing. A very enjoyable shabbos meal had by all!