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Cooking With Joy: Soups

jok soup


Hubs and I went away for a long weekend without the kids. While it was thoroughly restful and enjoyable, the minute we picked up the kids from the grandparents, everything became hectic again. Such is life, vacation over, what's for dinner?

While Hubs unpacked and did the laundry (he is super awesome like that), I went grocery shopping. I have been really organized and made myself cooking and shopping lists for the next 4 weeks. On tap for this week was soup. Poppy's Potato Sour Cream potato Soup and Creamy Cucumber Avacado. So I grabbed my list and got the ingredients for the two soups.

Since it was already pretty late in the day, dinner needed to be ready fast. The Cucumber Avocado Soup needed chilling time, so I decided to go with Potato Soup.

creamy potato soup

Poppy's Sour Creamy Potoat Soup
DRESS IT UP Poppy's Potato Soup cups page 72

I don't usually cook with butter, so this was quite a treat (I even added in some extra to make up for not using it that often). We don't cook dairy dishes that often (not counting pizza). Hubs doesnt like creamy cheesy things. The one time I made an alfredo sauce he added tomato sauce, so since then all white creamy things have been put on the back burner (literally!) The soup was very good when hot, but once it cooled, it congealed and became really heavy. While it was still fresh and hot I had like 3 bowls. It was really hearty and filling- the perfect fast meal for the end of a long day.

One weird thing about me is that I go to sleep super early every night. By 8pm every night I am falling over and ready for bed. One of the benefits of this, is I end up waking up really early, which allows me to accomplish things before work!

sour cream potato soup

Cool Cucumber and Avocado Cream Soup
DRESS IT UP Cool Cucumber and Avocado Cream Shooters page 68

I knew the Cucumber Avacado soup would be really quick to prep (it barely took me 10 minutes). I prepped all the veggies and threw them in the food processor. Since I dont have a dairy food processor, I poured the puree into a bowl before adding the yogurt.
I cant put my finger on it, but for reason I was not excited about tasting this. I like all of the ingredients separately, but seeing and smelling them together was not at all appealing.

I put the soup in the fridge to chill and tasted it when I got home from work. Just like I thought, I didn't like it. It wasn't bad, I just found the raw garlic to be a bit overwhelming and the texture was not for me. This is all part of the experience, so I'm happy I did it.

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