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Cooking With Joy: Spinach Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Spinach Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce


This was another early morning for me. In about 15 minutes the meatloaf was prepped and ready to go into the crock pot. It felt really great knowing that dinner was taken care of before I even left to work. I knew all I would have to cook when I got home was the sauce.

Jamie said that it could be left on low by adding a little chicken stock into the pot. About eight hours later when I walked through the door, the aroma that met me was amazing! The kids even said how yummy the house smelled!

The sauce was also really simple to prepare. The incredible scent of garlic sautéing always makes the house smell great. I let the sauce reduce a little before tasting it, man was it good! The acidity of the tomatos, along with garlic and basil made a perfect quick sauce.

 Oh I should mention that I used ground meat instead of ground turkey. If you recall- ground poultry is one of the things that I "don't do".


Slow Cooker Turkey Spinach Meatloaf page 157
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The meatloaf itself did come out a little dry, even with the swap out of proteins, but the flavors were all there. I served the meatloaf with rice pilaf and gave everyone a hefty drizzle of the sauce over the top of the plate. We really enjoyed this yummy weeknight supper.