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Cooking With Joy - Stuffing and Mushrooms

cooking with joy stuffing

Today, I was home with my sick 2 year old. She had fever and was up the whole night. I took off from work to stay home, be a good Mommy and take her to the doctor. I was exhausted, but took the "day off" as an opportunity to cook full speed ahead.


I made the Chestnut Challah Stuffing and Hearty Mushrooms. I prepped the stuffing and while it was in the oven I made the mushrooms. Both dishes totally done in an hour.

chestnut stuffing

Cranberry Chestnut Challah Stuffing
DRESS IT UP Stuffed Baked Onions page 79

I opted to make the stuffing Pareve since I had a carton of veggie stock that was expiring soon. The stuffing came out tasting great! I really like chestnuts and craisins, Hubs doesn't like either, but there was enough other yumminess for him to enjoy (sauteed garlic, onion  and celery). He really liked the stuffing too and even wants me to make it next time with Turkey. It actually is much easier than making my usual thanksgiving stuffing, so I may take him up on it!

sauteed mushrooms

Hearty Mushrooms with Herbs and Wine
DRESS IT UP Mushroom Phyllo Cups page 84

I've mentioned before that I love mushrooms. While the mushrooms were sauteeing two other dishes came to mind. The first was Chicken Marsala. I know that Marsala wine and dry white are not very similar, but something about the garlic, onions, mushrooms and alcohol in the pan summoned up that flavor in my brain. And the other dish was the mushroom polenta from Abigaels in NYC. Hubs and I have been there many times and usually have that as an appetizer. The aroma of the herbs and mushrooms brought back that food memory!

 I decided to use the variation and make them Dairy. I used veggies stock, dry white wine and topped it with crumbled feta. Considering on a normal sick day I have random whatever from the fridge, today was a delicious deviation. The warm rich mushrooms topped with the fresh cold feta was SOOOOOO good!

I cant wait to try the mushrooms in the meat variation. Mushrooms, beef stock, red wine and steak- my mouth is already watering!

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