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Cooking with Joy: Tropical Fruit Guacamole and Veggie Liver

deconstructed guacamole


Its funny, the Deconstructed Tropical Gaucamole is the "dressed up" version of the dish, but it actually takes less time to prep. So in no time at all you have an upscale fork and knife savory fruit salad! The olive oil with the salt really elevated the simple avacado, mango and pineapple. I piled each on top of eachother, cut through the layers and sopped up the extra salt and oil before hitting my mouth. Really simple and good.

Tropical Fruit Guacamole page 51
DRESS IT UP Deconstructed Tropical Guacamole

deconstructed guac

Uputzi's Vegetarian Chopped "Liver" Pate page 53
DRESS IT UP Vegetarian Chopped "Liver" Pate Bread Cups

veggie liver

Totally expecting to hate this, I halved the recipe and made arrangement for my father in law to be the taste tester. Remember I mentioned there were things that I "don't do"? Well this recipe calls for some of those things. Hard-boiled eggs- ick! Walnuts- double ick! The only redeeming factor to me was having some extra mushrooms in the house to roast up for dinner. I LOVE mushrooms- all types!

I followed the recipe exactly, except I left out the thyme. I don't find the aroma pleasant at all, so whenever a recipe calls for it, I leave it out and never find the recipe to suffer at all. That's just my thing, if you like it, use it!

I was not planning on tasting it, but as I was scooping it out the food processor it smelled SO GOOD! I licked my fingers and was shocked to find that you could barely taste the walnuts or eggs at all! It was just so creamy and good, all the flavors combined together so well. I really liked how the vinegar was a very apparent flavor- this time in a really welcomed way.

I'm gonna let my father in law know that his services are no longer needed :)