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Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Apples

apple corer1

When the weather’s just right, my husband and I take the kids out to the apple orchard. Apple picking is the perfect outdoor family activity in September and October.

The Sprechers are an apple-picking family, and for that matter, we love picking any fruit or vegetable that’s in season. When we come home with  bushels of apples, what do we do with them? Well, first we eat some of them raw – delicious!

Then we get creative and make lots of tasty creations with our apple picks. And of course, we use the best tools! My favorite apple corer is the Cuisipro Red and Stainless Apple Corer. This distinctive tool easily removes the core and makes disposal quick and effortless. The unique leveler splits in half for easy release after you twist or push this corer through the apple. And it’s top-rack dishwasher safe. (See it featured in the Joy of Kosher Magazine and win it here)

If I need a corer that will wedge as well, I have been using the basic OXO Good Grips apple divider for years. If you want thinner slices the Amco Dial-A-Slice is perfect! You adjust the thickness, and voila - either 8 or 16 wedges with one swift motion.

Before you slice your apple of choice, you might need to peel them. Who needs handles on peelers anymore? The hottest peeler on the market is the Palm Peeler from Chef’n! Wear it on your finger like a ring, and peel your apples right in the palm of your hand.

And now that my apples are ready to bake – I am ready to use my charming Chantal pie dish that resembles a real crust!   Or, I can’t wait to try the silicone petite tart molds by  Tovolo – there is an apple and a pear motif.  Over the years, I have collected plenty of pie dishes and tart molds – and the tart mold does not need to be non-stick.

And, when I am ready to serve my freshly sliced apples on Rosh Hashanah, I look forward to adorning my Yom Tov table with the beautiful Apple Plate from world-renowned designer Michael Aram…  I can’t decide on the Michael Aram Apple Honey Pot (Do I want a nickel or gold tone finish?) or the Mary Jurek Honey Pot with a bee accent and a honey dipper.

You think there’s only one kind of honey? Well, you’re sorely mistaken! Believe it or not, there’s Raspberry Honey, Blueberry Honey, and many other varieties to choose from!   And, honey is available in sticks and small pourable bags to avoid a sticky mess.  If you prefer to use honey from a dish, a silicone honey dipper is available from Le Creuset in a variety of colors.

Wishing that we are all blessed with a sweet, healthy, and prosperous new year,