Crockpot Recipe for Kosher Lamb

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So, if you’ve been taking notes this month, you know that we’ve been cooking beef and chicken and soups in the slow cooker. What’s left?

Lamb – the national meat of Australia! And have I got a recipe for you. It’s easy to prepare and fit for a king. Take a look at Shredded Lamb with Tomatoes and Basil over Rice and tell me your mouth doesn’t water.

To some people, lamb is an acquired taste. It can be chewier than beef – but nobody can say that about this shredded slow-cooked version. So grab a great bottle of Australian kosher red wine and enjoy this unique and satisfying stew!

Try Moroccan Lamb Chops with Spiced Couscous for a different lamb dish that is just as delicious!

Do you have any favorite lamb recipes to share or Australian reds you can recommend?