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Day In Jerusalem - Entertaining Teens

teens in jerusalem

Whether it’s Winter Break Vacation, Pesach or Summer Vacation here are some ideas for entertaining teens in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is a city that the whole family can enjoy together but very often the teenagers in the family are looking for something more extreme, a challenging or unique activity that’s worth getting out of bed for.

What was once a hard task; is now a fun endeavor. There are so many exciting activities in Jerusalem that even your teens will be asking to come back for more.

atv and ropes course

Exciting “High Energy” Activities: Teens like to show off their extreme nature through participating in what we call in Israel “extreme sports”. Here are some safe yet fun ideas.

  • Ropes Course: Give them a challenge and reserve a Ropes Course in Park Gilo. Ride the sky swing, walk the tightrope and slide down the omega. If they still want more, then you can arrange a special rappelling experience for them overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. Locally we call that snappling!
  • ATV: Whether your teen sits behind the wheel (with a driver’s license) or is the passenger in a Jerusalem ATV, the experience is exciting. Drive a two seater buggy fully equipped with safety helmets through the back hills of Jerusalem. Ride through areas you have never had access to before. Ride behind the zoo, between Malcha and Moshav Ora. Eli, your guide will take you up the hills on dirt roads to beautiful outlooks, down by the streams for a quick dip in nature’s pool and through the forests to see the beauty & nature in Jerusalem.
  • Segway: Teens over the age of 16 can enjoy a Segway tour of Jerusalem, either on the Tayelet overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem or into the Old City itself. A Segway provides a fun feeling of flying and your teens will enjoy the ride, learn about the history of the city and be inspired by the view.


Fun “Low Key” Activities:

  • Kibbutz Tzuba:  If you are looking for an activity that is a bit more low-key, then take a half day trip to Kibbutz Tzuba with your teens.Located 15 minutes outside Jerusalem, near Ein Kerem, Kibbutz Tzuba recently opened up a branch of the Galita Chocolate Company. They offer chocolate workshops for the entire family. Their professional staff runs great workshops for teens and the best part is that if you have younger kids they can do workshops for their age at the same time and even at the same table. Tasting the chocolate is encouraged. Once you have licked enough chocolate and created some delicious gifts to take home, you can arrange a hike with a guide in the hills around Tzuba. The views are spectacular and there is even a spring you can dip into on hot days.

HDRtist HDR -
  • Spa Day at Cramim: Very few teens will pass up the opportunity for a day of relaxation and exercise at the SPA. Located a 15 minute drive outside Jerusalem, the Isrotel Cramim Spa Hotel is pure luxury. The large spa facility includes an indoor and outdoor pool, Turkish Hamam, sauna, exercise rooms, weight lifting room, spa treatment rooms and relaxation area with a full tea bar. So whether you have a teenage girl who would appreciate a massage & swim or a teenage boy who would enjoy the exercise/weight room & pool, everyone will enjoy the generous kosher buffet at the Cramim Hotel. The facilities at the hotel are open to kids ages 16+. They may need to wait till they are older to enjoy the Wine Bar but Cramim, which means vineyards, is a really special “day out” right near Jerusalem.

I hope this blog post has given you the inspiration to spend your next vacation in Jerusalem, especially with your teens.

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