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Day in Jerusalem: Scavenge for FUN and FOOD

windmill jerusalem tour

Next time you visit Jerusalem, consider a new way to see the city. Interactive games and hunts bring the city and its past alive. The Jerusalem scavenger hunt is one of my favorite activities to recommend for tourists & locals because it keeps the kids and the adults entertained, challenged and working as a group to “feel” the history of the streets of Jerusalem.


The Old City of Jerusalem is the oldest residential area in the city dating back to Biblical times. When the Jews of the Old City were encouraged to move out and start new communities outside the walls, they began with the areas of Mishkenot Sheananim/Yemin Moshe and Nachlaot. Today a scavenger hunt in these areas encourages you to search for ancient Jewish artifacts using some of today’s most modern technology.  Learn about the famous residents of each neighborhood and you may even find out where Clinton, Madonna and Churchill stayed when they visited Jerusalem.


When you book a Scavenger Hunt through Fun In Jerusalem, you are able to choose the location: Old City, Nachlaot or Mishkenot Sheananim. As a team you will choose players to fulfill the following roles: a teacher, a reader, a navigator and a photographer. Take your mission pack and begin to explore the alleyways, learn about the history by reading the street signs and understand the meaning behind the street names. Even the trees play a part in the hunt. The kids will love following the clues to their next destination; the photographer in your group will enjoy snapping pictures, while the navigator guides the way. The Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt is one of Fun In Jerusalem’s most popular activities.

Anyone who is traveling with kids knows that you have to have a lunch plan close to your activity. In Jerusalem there is no need to scavenge, the city is filled with amazing kosher restaurants!  The hardest decision will be which one to choose. Here are some kosher restaurants near the the scavenger hunt locations:

Old City: In the center of the Jewish Quarter you will find Burgers Bar, Café Neeman, and some delicious ice cream & frozen yogurt shops.

Nachlaot: Head into the shuk (Machane Yehuda) across the street from Nachlaot where you can enjoy fresh Fish n Chips, Pasta Basta or an authentic Moroccan meal.

Mishkenot Sheananim: Head down the street to the First Station (aka Old Train Station) for a fun experience. Hamiznon and FRESH are some great dairy lunch options. If you are just looking for a snack or something sweet, hit Re-Bar for a refreshing yogurt drink or frozen yogurt.

Stay tuned for next month’s Day in Jerusalem “FUN ways to volunteer in Jerusalem”.

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