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Declutter Your Closet With a Party

organized closet

Tu B’Shevat, coming up this year on February 8th, is the New Year for the Trees. What better time to think about how reducing closet clutter can help the environment? How many of the outfits in your closet have not seen the light of day for months or even years? Probably more than you care to admit! Here is a fun and easy way to reduce some of that clutter, give your clothes a new home, and your closet a fresh new look.

Invite over a group of friends for a Tu B’Shevat clothing swap party. You can make some delicious holiday hors d'oeuvres and help your friends go through and streamline their closets in honor of this festival of renewal. Ask each friend to bring over at least 10 pieces ofclothing. Here are some tips to share with your friends to help them as they brave their closets:

1)   Donate one piece of clothing for each new piece you’ve purchased in the last few months.

2)   Shoes that were never comfortable to begin with will never become comfortable, no matter how cute they look.

3)   If something doesn’t fit you well and you have not worn it in years, it’s time to let it go

4)   Leave a bag near your closet in the week leading up to the party. When you happen to notice one or more pieces you never wear, just toss them in the bag.

And now on to the party… Everyone can mingle and take turns looking through each person's belongings. Encourage people to take only what they love home with them. At the end of the evening, put all the clothing that was not selected into bags and donate them to your local charity.

Reuse, reduce and do a mitzvah, the perfect way to celebrate Tu B’Shevat!