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Dining Room Design Ideas - Out of the Ordinary

dining style

Why does a dining room need to follow a template? The owner of this dining room wanted something fresh—a modern and cozy space where her family and friends would love spending lots of time together around the table come Shabbat and holidays. Designer Pamela Jemal did all that and made it practical too—with an entire wall of storage space.

Top Off the Room

dining moulding

The moldings on the top of this dining room are made of ribbon mahagony—the same wood used in the dining table and wall unit.

The Modern “Touch”

Blue polished glass inserts make this wall unit fun and interesting.

Tired of Crystal?


White Murano glass, straight from Italy, is glamorous and modern.

Bring on the Guests

fabric and table

The two 18-inch extensions on this table are stored inside, adding three feet to this ten foot table in a snap. There’s no need to lift those heavy leaves and pull the table apart to seat your company.

Stain-Resistant Fabric

This velvet-like fabric may look decadent and impractical—but it’s not! This cobalt blue moidore fabric is mildew, soil, and stain-resistant. It’s also super soft and comfy.

The white lacquer doors

(not shown) on the wall-to-wall unit are “touch latch.” Simply press to open.

No Tarnish on My Silver


The drawers inside this buffet are lined with Pacific cloth, which keeps silverware from tarnishing.
Photos by Morris Antebi
Design by Pamela Jemal Designs
732 245 5151

Accessories by The Gift Box and Surrey Lane, both of Brooklyn, NY

Originally printed in the Rosh Hashanah 2011 issue of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller.