Do You Ever Feel Stressed?

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cranberry walnut salmon on a bed of spinach

Just feel like writing now. I know it’s been a while. Have actually been kinda stressed. There is a reason superwoman and her superman are imaginary characters - it's all just not possible. I am stressed to the point that I am now (as I am typing) eating an entire box of mini cream-filled sponge cakes. It's a Weight Watchers box but I am pretty sure their intention was not to eat the entire box at once, probably why they individually wrapped each one. SO frustrating now that I am trying to eat them all (while typing). I can stop at any time, you know (just as soon as I finish this box).

I should get the mother of the year award for the yummy din din I made last night (considering all the stress)- the Cranberry Walnut Salmon over Wilted Spinach from my second book Quick & Kosher Meals in Minutes*. Um.. the kiddies including my two year old who can't even speak "asked" for seconds! Yay! Getting your kiddies to love salmon really should get me some kinda trophy don't you think? I have two small pieces of salmon left in the fridge which I really should eat instead of struggling with this Fort Knox faux twinkie plastic wrap. But when I am stressed all I can think of is cream and cake. You do know that STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards?!

What do you eat when you are stressed? Let me know in the comments below. At least let me know you also like cake. No one, not even me, likes to eat cake alone!

*please note: the salt measurement is off in the book, it should be 1/2 teaspoon salt NOT 2 tablespoons!