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Duck Sauce Kishka Chicken Roll Ups

roll up chicken

I have a few "famous" recipes.  In no particular order, my Challah, Honey Chicken, Chulent, and Chicken Pastrami Rolls are all up there.  These recipes have received a nice number of comments and video views but more importantly they generate lots of in person discussion.  Meaning when I catch up with people on the street, or at a business meeting, or at a friend's shabbos table - these are the recipes I hear about over and over and over again.

chicken pastrami rolls

Chicken Pastrami Rolls

So when it came time to develop a new Shabbos recipe featuring Gold's Duck Sauce I thought about a riff on my Chicken Pastrami Rolls - which by the way also inspired the "Roller Derby" feature I penned in the Shavuos Issue of our magazine showcasing Chicken, Fish, Turkey and Beef Rolls.

This rendition is an oldie but goodie.  JoK friend and active member JKessler48 won our 2011 Best Chicken Recipe Contest with his Kishka Stuffed Chicken which reminded me of a similar dish I ate at my friend Tzippy's house years ago, which reminded my that Hubby said he liked  it, which reminded me I should be a good wife and make it for him, which inspired this here version.

I love forgoing an egg "bath" in favor of flavorful duck sauce.  It's a sweet little dish if you use Gold's Cantonese Style Duck Sauce.  If you want something spicier add red pepper flakes or try Gold's Szechuan Style Duck Sauce.

I think I'm on a roll here... (in case you couldn't hear the cymbal crash