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Good Morning New York Post Show Wrap-Up


This is Big—I Mean, Really Big!

Tune in to the Morning Show with Larry Hoff on local TV CW11, Tuesday September 15th, and watch Yours Truly and Kosher.com folks giving out apples and honey from our super duper giant "Koshercart" to commuters at Penn Station.  I've done a lot of wild things on TV folks but this is a first! On Wednesday morning, we're going to steer that cart over to the CBS Early Show, where weatherman Dave Price will be in Rockefeller Plaza doing the weather broadcast.  We'll be giving out apples, honey, Kosher.com coupons, and Quick & Kosher holiday recipe cards to the crowd.  Talk about wishing everyone a sweet new year on a grand scale! He doesn't know it yet, but I plan to present Dave with a gorgeous Kosher.com Rosh Hashanah gift basket too.  You'll flip when you see this basket! The gal who puts the  Kosher.com baskets together is so creative—you'll want to order your own.

I went a little crazy shopping and cooking and freezing some of my Rosh Hashanah meals last night.  (I knew you'd ask: so far, I've cooked Classic Chicken Soup, Un-Stuffed Cabbage Soup and Cocktail Meatballs.)  I was going to make Chocolate Chip Cookies too, but I ran out of steam—not surprising, since this was my kids' first full week in school.  Let's just say it's been a little hectic. Listen, we should all be busy this coming year with all good things.  So whether you catch the TV segment or not, Kosher.com and I wish you and your family the best, sweetest, most incredibly scrumptious new year!